Window cleaning Blog #2 well its actually conservatory cleaning #1.


Spring is about to spring and the winter will have taken its toll not only on the appearance of your conservatory but all your exterior uPVC.

Green slime and baked on black mould that has attached itself will quite simply be making the whole house look shabby.

Many of you will own cars that cost a few thousand and in some cases many thousands . I would bet that most of you fairly regularly wash down and even polish your car.

a) because its a valuable asset and

b) cause its appearance reflects on the driver / owner.

Conservatories on the other hand go many years without any TLC. They get covered in the dreaded green slime, Black mould, moss grows in the channels and can force its way into the seals.

They sit attached to many properties looking neglected and unloved, yet when new they probably cost as much if not more than that car you wash and polish regularly.

The reasons for this are partly people not knowing how to effectively remove the deposits and growths or they were told that it was equipped with glass that never need cleaning ( misleading sales technique all glass needs cleaning eventually) or its is believed profession cleaning costs a small fortune..

Here at Albright and Shiny we have the equipment and the ability to clean all this muck off of your conservatory, Gutters, Fascias, soffits and downpipes.

It doesn’t cost a fortune and occasional maintenance will keep on top of it.

If your conservatory feels unloved and would like a bit of a springtime makeover simply contact us and we will pop round and give you a free no obligation quote..

Just to whet your appetite thie picture shows what professional cleaning can do for your poor old conservatory.

Remember we are cleaning windows in Warminster, Westbury and Frome next week.

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