Our Cleaning Services

We use long poles to deliver ultra clean water to a brush head and agitate the dirt on your windows and then rinse it off.  Now we don’t stop at the glass, we clean the frames (where possible) and the sills as a matter of course.  Normal water will dry leaving marks all over your glass.  This is caused by impurities in the water left behind when the water dries off.

Our ultra clean water has all of these impurities removed and therefore your glass will dry spotless.  On our first visit we will perform what we term as a deep clean.  We will de-grease the glass and frames to ensure that as much of the dirt, residues, algae, bird strike and whatever else on there is removed and that your windows are as clean as they possibly can be.  Having performed a deep clean we are able to then guarantee that on subsequent visits we will be able to guarantee that your windows will remain as clean as they can be.





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