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Howdy, folks. I am Jim Waugh, the founder and Senior Window Cleaning God at Albright and Shiny.

I spent years trying to find a window cleaner. Not the hardest of tasks you would think, yet to find a window cleaner that –

  • would always guarantee the standard of their work
  • would turn up when they say they’re going to turn up
  • were trustworthy, pleasant, and a pleasure to deal with
  • would always take excellent care of your windows
  • would constantly work at providing the best possible results, and always go that little bit further to ensure you received a superb service

proved to be a lot harder than expected…

I left the Police Service in 2012, and began looking for a new profession; after all, I was too young to hang up my holster just yet! I thought about Window Cleaning, and it occurred to me that if I couldn’t find that high level of service from other window cleaners, then other people might be having the same problem, too.

After quite a few months of research, I found that with a bit of effort and planning, and with the right equipment and technique, I could deliver a top class window cleaning service.

I also discovered that I could deliver services for conservatory cleaning, gutter emptying, washing gutters, downpipes and fascias too. Combining all these services, we now offer an external “House Valet” as a complete, all-in-one, package.

In October 2012, in partnership with my wife Mary, Albright and Shiny was launched, with the mantra “Probably the cleanest, reliable, and most trustworthy window cleaning company on the planet!”

While “Mr Albright” and “Mr Shiny” only exist in my imagination, the name does define how I want our “craftsmen” to leave your windows every single time they work their magic on your property: they WILL be All Bright and Shiny!

If you are one of those individuals who, like me, has been after a window cleaning company who provide more than a “splash and dash” service, then you need to give us a call.

Simply use our Freephone Number 0800 206 1923, or fill in our online contact form.

I can assure you, you will not be disappointed!


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