Window Cleaning Bradford on Avon

Window Cleaners Bradford on Avon. Albright and Shiny is a window cleaning service which operates in Bradford on Avon and the surrounding areas around Somerset, we are a professional window cleaning company which provides a wide range of services for the general public around Bradford on Avon. We offer cleaning services for houses, properties, businesses, school, offices, hotels, shops and more in the local area  – we have completed services for a wide range of  houses and local businesses  – feel free to check out our client testimonial

Why Our Bradford on Avon Window Cleaning

Due to our customer satisfaction, we have managed to claim a positive reputation in the local area around Bradford on Avon – having completed cleaning services for over 5 years, most of our clients are through customer referrals. We use special equipment to reach almost any height. We filter the water we use until there is nothing in it except pure water! When I say nothing I mean Zero parts per million dirt.. Zilch! This essentially means that the water dries clean, no impurities are left to stain the glass. We clean the frames at the same time leaving your windows Albright and Shiny.

Affordable Window Cleaning in Bradford on Avon

Our window cleaning services are professional, yet affordable – you can check out our prices – we are passionate about delivering good quality service and if you are unhappy with the end result, no problem! Our team will come back and re-clean your windows to meet your standards.

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Interested in our Bradford on Avon window cleaning service? Feel free to get in touch using the details below, or use our contact form.

Phone: 0800 2061923


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  1. Hello. I am looking for a quotation for monthly window cleaning at my house – on Middle Rank, BoA. We have 3 floors and a 4th 9the attic) with a dormer window which would need cleaning occasionally. Mainly front windows but two at the back, more difficult to access but with a rear pathway. Thanks.

    • Hi Matthew,

      I am sure this is something we can do for you, it would be best to give us a call on 0800 206 1923 or you can message us on our contact page.

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