Time, Neglect and uPVC

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This is the worlds shortest blog post and it simply to highlight how neglecting your Upvc doors, gutters, fascias and window frames can leave unsightly staining on the plastic.

When green or black algae is left to settle on your plastic it starts to eat ever so slightly into the surface of the plastic. This is a chemical reaction and it leaves an unsightly  grey shadow when the offending algae is eventually removed.

The other issue is that leaving heavy soiling in place can allow the sun to bleach the uncovered areas which gives a slight piebald effect.

These two pictures demonstrate the shading that is left behind on neglected plastic, staining that could have been avoided by simply having the gutters and fascias washed down once a year..

Before the clean notice the baked on Algae.

gutter staining before

After the clean Notice the Grey drip like staining on the gutter and the joint.

gutter staining after

We can help you prevent this unsightly damage by cleaning your uPVC either as an annual clean or part of a regular cleaning regime.  Simply use our contact page to get a no obligation quote.

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